Lidl launches new ready meals – produced using the Micvac method

Since November, grocery giant Lidl in Sweden is selling three ready meals produced by Smålandskräftan using the innovative Micvac method. With their long shelf life and delicious flavour, it is hoped the dishes will open more people’s eyes to ready meals.

“Our ready meals produced with the Micvac method taste as if they’re homemade. We have great faith in this launch, and are also planning to introduce the dishes abroad,” says Alexander Weiss, Purchasing Manager Food at Lidl.

In early November, Lidl launched three ready meals under its Chef’s Select brand: Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes, Sausage Stroganoff and Pasta Pomodoro. The dishes are made by long-time Lidl business partner Smålandskräftan, which made them using the Micvac technology. The patented method affords the products a far longer shelf life compared to other ready meals, without compromising on taste, nutrition or consistency.

“We were very interested when Smålandskräftan told us about the technology, and the products have not let us down. For me as a purchaser, it’s extremely important that the products have as long a shelf life as possible without affecting the quality, and the Micvac method makes sure they stay fresh for a very long time. Since they were only recently launched we don’t have any statistics yet, but we believe they’ll reduce food waste,” says Weiss.

Plans for an international launch

Compared to many other ways of making ready meals, Micvac’s method preserves vitamins and flavours far more. This means that the artificial Enumber additives can be minimised, and the consumer is guaranteed a high quality dish. The products have been well received on the market since their launch in November, and the ambition is to launch them on further European markets moving forward.

“I truly believe in the Micvac method, and in the longer term I hope we can export these dishes to other Lidl countries. Taste is of course subjective, but many find that dishes made using the Micvac technology taste delicious – as if they were homemade, even. We have long been looking to develop the ready meal segment, and with this method we can do so with products of high nutritional content, which also taste great and look appetising,” Alexander Weiss concludes.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill