Les Fayes Dairy launches SIGNATURE 100 from SIG in France

Organic UHT milk from La Laiterie Les Fayes in France has just been launched in SIG’s award-winning SIGNATURE 100, the world’s first and only aseptic packaging material 100% linked to renewable materials.

This organic milk comes from the farmers of the Terra Lacta cooperative. Laiterie les Fayes is one of the 4 dairy processing subsidiaries of the Terra Lacta Group.

„We are constantly looking for ways to improve our environmental impact,” said Johnny Grippon, Commercial Responsible at La Laiterie Les Fayes. “By partnering with SIG to launch our organic UHT milk in its innovative SIGNATURE packaging material, we have taken a big step forward in reducing the impact of our cartons. The new packaging for our Limousin organic milk fits perfectly with our brand and our commitment to the planet.”

Outstanding sustainability credentials for milk cartons

Renewable paper board from FSCTM-certified sustainable sources makes up around 75% of every SIGNATURE 100 carton. The polymers that make up the rest of each pack (including the entire closure) are 100% linked to renewable, forest-based polymers via an independently certified mass balance system. That means the whole pack is 100% linked to renewable materials.

SIGNATURE 100’s innovative structure eliminates the need for an aluminium barrier layer without compromising the shelf life or quality of the milk inside. Like all SIG carton packs, it is fully recyclable – as is the secondary packaging for six-packs of Les Fayes UHT organic milk cartons which is made from 100% recycled cardboard.

Tapping into consumer demand

By serving consumers in the Limousin region of Southwest France where the dairy is based, La Laiterie Les Fayes is tapping into the trend for local produce. Consumers are also becoming increasingly conscious of the environmental impacts of the products they choose, which is driving growing demand for more sustainable packaging.

SIGNATURE is helping to meet this demand with outstanding environmental performance enabling la Laiterie les Fayes to include robust sustainability claims on packs of its organic UHT milk. La Laiteries Les Fayes is the second customer in France to adopt SIGNATURE 100 and plans to roll it out progressively across its full product range.

„We are delighted to support La Laiterie Les Fayes in boosting the environmental credentials of its milk by meeting growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging,” said Melanie Revolte Marketing Manager at SIG.

Find out more about SIGNATURE here https://www.sig.biz/en/packaging/beverage-packaging/signature-pack-details.

Written by Kevin Gambrill