What do good resolutions at the turn of the year and print & packaging solutions have in common?

Sustainability and circular economy are the leading ways to a brighter future. But what is really sustainable? Which loops are really closed? What eco-friendly solutions are already available today – and what awaits us tomorrow?

You give yourself an ambitious agenda, and then Christmas or Easter or another disruption are just around the corner. Consumers want tinsel on the tree, glitter on the packaging, added colours and varnish on the boxes or an unusual pack for their Easter eggs and speciality food products.
Almost every industry is affected by such ‘strategy disruptors’, especially in times of Coronavirus. Many solutions are suddenly no longer available due to raw material corruption or supply bottlenecks.

How can you react to this? Is there a healthy middle ground? How do you resolve issues when you have local products but packaging material (in parts) from Asia or overseas? What is environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging? What common products are causing a problem today but could be solved tomorrow?

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Written by Dominy Jones