Company sees India demand soar for Key-Pak®

Keystone Folding Box Co., a designer and manufacturer of paperboard packaging solutions, has seen a surge in demand for its line of child-resistant, paperboard-based blister cards from pharmaceutical companies in India. The sales spike for its Key-Pak® series comes amid two parallel occurrences: new sustainability guidelines in India, and increased demand for child-resistant (CR) pharma packaging in the US, to whom India supplies some 40% of packaged OTC and prescription drugs.

Earlier this year, India’s federal government issued a proposal to phase out single-use plastics from many products by 2022. While the drafted resolution does not impact the pharmaceutical sector directly, a shift toward more eco-friendly pharma packaging is expected as Indian pharma manufacturers and packagers look to get ahead of the sustainability curve.

Against this backdrop – and considering the increased demand for CR packaging – Keystone’s Key-Pak® blister card is proving an attractive solution for everything from clinical trials and compliance dosing to physicians’ samples and full-scale retail applications. Comprising up to 75% lass plastic than bottles or amber vials, Key-Pak® has a highest-possible F=1 child-resistance rating while also offering premium senior-friendliness. Its novel, back-side “zipper” design provides clean, simple removal of the rear blister card panel for damage-free product dispensing, while its broad, flat surface gives ample room for usage instructions or drug information.

Crucial for the high-volume, efficiency-minded manufacturing in India’s pharma landscape, Key-PakÒ also is easy to produce. Its single-component composition means fewer specifications, inspections, assembly, graphics, engineering and tooling are needed, and the package is compatible with industry-standard thermoforming and heat seal equipment, making its adoption exceedingly hassle-free.

Keystone also offers a comprehensive line of blister cards made from 100% recyclable and compostable paperboard. Its Ecoslide Series of blister packs features a push-button safety mechanism that provides exemplary child-resistance while eliminating the need for two-step “peel/push-through foil,” which many consumers find difficult to open. Including Ecoslide-OTC™ for over-the counter medicines as well as several generations of its signature Ecoslide-RXÒ pack for prescription drugs, the solutions contain a mere fraction of disposable plastic compared to peel/push blisters or plastic bottles.

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Written by Dom Thorby