Benefits of International Paper’s eBos Include Cost Savings, Reduced Product Damage, Optimized Unboxing Experience

International Paper Company’s eCommerce Box Optimization Service, more commonly known as eBos™, provides numerous benefits to customers who ship a variable mix of products via small parcel carriers.

This intelligent packaging solution allows International Paper’s team of experts to analyze a customer’s shipment history and box utilization, then recommend the ideal box suite based on the customer’s product mix.

Benefits include:

●      Reduced freight costs

●      Less dunnage needed

●      Improved warehouse efficiency

●      Material savings 

●      Reduced likelihood for product damage

●      Enhanced unboxing experience for the end-user

By examining everything from total utilization to shipping costs to the square footage of corrugated material necessary, the algorithm identifies where the client can be more efficient, and therefore, more sustainable. Designers and Account Managers then carefully review the new box suite dimensions and make any necessary modifications to suit the customer’s needs. The result: an intentional, intelligent, stylish packaging solution custom-tailored to fit the client’s product combination.

This customized solution also benefits the end-user. Underutilized boxes take up valuable truck space and increase the risk of product damage. The eBos™ solution not only aims to reduce freight costs but increases the likelihood that the product arrives to the end-user in prime condition.

“Packaging should not be an afterthought,” said Katie Diley, Innovation Marketing Manager at International Paper. “Utilizing eBos™ demonstrates to consumers your thoughtfulness around your brand and how you want your product to arrive on their doorstep. It shows them you care about providing an optimized unboxing experience through a more sustainable solution.” Learn more by clicking here to download a one-page summary and here to watch a video presentation on eBos™Design and Packaging Solution. Clients can expect a 2-to-3-week turnaround time on solution recommendations.

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Written by Dominy Jones

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