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The boss knows best

When it comes to creating the most competent response to the world’s current sustainability problems, you need look no further than to Bossar’s latest packaging machine technology.

Bossar is a leader in the design and manufacture of optimised packaging machinery that clearly addresses the world’s quest for greater sustainability and the recycling of plastic waste. The company’s latest full-servo machines offer the most advanced technology available in HFFS machinery today. These are going a long way to achieving both goals. Another of the important features of the new Bossar range is the savings they can offer on regular maintenance, as all adjustments are carried out via their crystal-clear HMI screen. This facilitates each machine’s functionality, thus making them more reliable and more user-friendly than any other such machine on the market.

In addition, Bossar excels in pouch making, and in particular, spout sealing. This is due to their in-depth knowledge gained from working in close partnership with their sister company Scholle IPN.  Bossar Packaging told SPN, “We have a sophisticated, high-tech laboratory where we conduct quality trials, and scientific analysis of our packaging machinery’s performance, and obtain and collect data for our on-going investment in R&D. Inevitably, a company is just made up of people, and our employees’ combined experience and passion for our mission, makes us, and our products unique. Moreover, we have multidisciplinary staff operating throughout the company. This is thanks to the fact that most of them have benefited for their experiences in other departments within our company”.

Adding value

Bossar’s unrivalled reputation for world-class engineering, is also enhanced by its dedication to innovation and close partnership with its parent company in the United States. Scholle IPN Inc. specialises in injection moulding for a diverse range of closures and components, as well as for film extrusion and lamination. However the company is most famous for its long history of bag making, including its universally recognised, ‘Bag-in-box’ series.

Bossar Packaging has been in collaboration with its partners over the last few years in order to drive a number of important sustainability projects. This has been achieved by jointly supplying its products, services and technology to increase the level of added-value offered to its customers. Today Bossar and Scholle IPN, provide vertically integrated solutions for the flexible packaging market by combining the convenience and advantages of a one-stop shop.

Differentiating technology

 Bossar’s most recent packaging machinery offers customers the world’s most advanced technology, all of which are designed to significantly improve packaging performances and deliver more sustainable packaging. . These unique machines have built-in features that are ahead of their time and created specifically to increase recyclability and more sustainable packaging. This is especially true of Bossar’s BMS series, which are servo driven, thus outclassing the functionality of mechanical machines.

Bossar added, “One could draw a comparison such as the difference between a new generation electric vehicles, with an older diesel vehicles. They both do the same thing, but the latter in a different and more sustainable way. Our advanced technology clearly differentiates us from our competitors and considering the importance of switching to recyclable and sustainable packaging, our offering is far better suited to the industry’s needs, as well as to that of a vulnerable world. Our passion is driven by our focus on how to solve today’s urgent need for a more sustainable and recyclable future for the packaging industry”. 

SPN is fully supportive of the contribution that Bossar is making towards a greener, safer and more sustainable world.