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Bio-based packaging manufacturer extends its operations in the CEE region

Thanks to a continuous programme of investment and innovative R&D, the leading sustainable packaging company Promateris is extending its bio-packaging operations throughout the CEE region.

Following its continuous strategic investments in state-of-the-art technology, R&D and IT infrastructure systems, Promateris has significantly extended its operations in order to distribute its products to multiple CEE countries. These include Greece, Poland, Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary among many others. This move is part of the Promateris’ strategic expansion plans in the region for its bio-based and compostable packaging products.

This fast-paced expansion programme is the result of a series of major investments that exceeded more than EUR 10 million over the last 3 years. Much of these funds went to further developing its facility near Bucharest, Romania, which is dedicated to processing bioplastics derived from renewable resources. Following these investments, the company plans to consolidate its leading position in the CEE region, whilst continuing to enhance its current, on-going investment policy.

“Through our innovative formulations developed by the Promateris R&D team, we are able to manufacture products with a reduced environmental footprint. Our strategy includes the manufacturing of products that respect the principles of circular economy”, declares Tudor Georgescu, CEO of Promateris’.

Digital transformation is a priority for the Promateris’ management team. Celebrating more than 60 years since its foundation, the company has undergone major transformation in order to implement up-to-date business processes and manufacturing operations. In 2021, together with their German partner, Theurer, Promateris will implement an ERP/MIS specialized in manufacturing, thus enabling real-time information & insights, as well as advanced automation and production cost optimization.

Furthermore, Promateris is extending its European sales network, as well as its product portfolio.

Tudor Georgescu, CEO of Promateris: “We consider this to be perfect timing for the expansion of our product portfolio, thereby addressing more of our clients’ needs. We will also develop new products bearing in mind two important things: the circular economy principles, and the modern, sustainable retail shelf. We are determined to offer a new generation of packaging, whilst setting an example of best sustainability practices for other companies.”

In the future, the Promateris Group aims to develop three new divisions to strengthen its presence in the new markets in which it has recently started operating.

1. Biomaterials – strengthening regional leadership and investing in the production of value-added, flexible bio-compostable packaging for the food industry.

2. Recycling – reducing the volume of virgin plastics used in the production of packaging and replacing them with recycled materials, respecting the principles of the circular economy.

3. Paper – development and production of sustainable solutions, based on paper and biomass, taking into account the biodegradability, regenerability and recyclability of new materials.

Promateris is a leading European manufacturer of sustainable products and solutions for the circular economy. With a history of more than 60 years in packaging manufacturing, Promateris has gained regional leadership and top manufacturing expertise in chemical engineering.

The Promateris Group invests in developing sustainable packaging products and solutions for the circular economy, R&D and end-of-life solutions. The company also operates a plant dedicated to manufacturing specialty compounding for technical applications. Active in Bucharest, Valencia and Warsaw through commercial offices and through distributors in more than 20 countries and 3 continents worldwide.

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