Innovation Insight – IMA DAIRY & FOOD

Zero-in on new technology

With its patented ‘ZERO Technology’ tools, IMA DAIRY & FOOD offers the perfect, sustainable solution for mono-materials packaging. These unique tools from the company’s ‘ZERO Technology’ range are the result of years of research and development and offer much more than simple solutions to save on materials, they also offer improved material characteristics and optimisation.

In today’s competitive marketplace, IMA DAIRY & FOOD is the perfect partner for achieving innovative and practical packaging solutions. From hygienic product protection, to communication with customers IMA DAIRY & FOOD says that packaging must fulfil a wide range of functions, including packaging design, ease of use, optimal logistics, and concise customer information. However, it must also be sustainable and guarantee the shelf-life of the product. Functionality and sustainability are equally important when it comes to packaging development. This must be taken into consideration when developing alternative packaging concepts with sustainable materials such as mono-materials, as well as materials from renewable resources.

When it comes to delivering a competitive edge, IMA DAIRY & FOOD’s advanced ‘ZERO Technology’ does just that. The new innovative technology can be applied to all cutting applications contained in any FFS machine. In addition it reduces maintenance costs whilst increasing the performance of the machine and provides longer punching time.

By using these advanced tools, a quick switch from PS to more recyclable materials such as PET, PP and PLA can be achieved. Furthermore, customers now have the opportunity to use these materials for thermoformed products such as yogurt cups. Only with its new, patented punching tools, can multi-packs be made-up from these materials and be broken-down into individual cups. In fact, this can just as easily be done as those for multi-packs made from PS. Another benefit is that knives do not even have to be changed during this process using IMA DAIRY & FOOD machinery. Other special equipment in IMA DAIRY & FOOD’s ‘ZERO Technology’ range also includes special pre-heating plates, which can be easily dismantled for simpler maintenance.

Additional savings on materials can also be achieved by using the company’s special thermoforming moulds, which offer the advantage of using thinner base web materials (foil). The result is that IMA DAIRY & FOOD’s ‘ZERO Technology’ offers companies in the dairy or food industry the most innovative solutions possible when implementing more sustainable packaging materials. This is whether it is in existing form, fill and seal machines, or in new machines. What’s more, the improved recyclability of thermoformed products provides a significant reduction in ecological impact.

An IMA DAIRY & FOOD company spokesperson told SPN, “Our technological solutions have enabled plastic packaging to become increasingly lighter over the years whilst still offering the same packaging performance and rigidity. In order to offer advanced sustainable packaging solutions, we work in close partnership with our customers and suppliers from the very beginning, in order to develop practical solutions for saving packaging material and at the same time take into consideration the environmental wellbeing, as well as the customer‘s product and overall packaging concept.

“Together with our customers and material suppliers we rigorously test new packaging materials made from renewable or recyclable materials to ensure that the materials can be processed on our packaging machines and that the greatest possible machine output and optimisation can be relied upon at all times”