Holmen Iggesund explores the role of packaging in logistics

The typical e-commerce shopper now spends an average of more than $1,000 per year on consumer goods purchases alone. An excellent opportunity for many brands but also a development that puts pressure on global logistical chains and solutions.

On May 11, Holmen Iggesund will explore logistical challenges and packaging opportunities with industry experts and leaders. How can purposeful packaging contribute? What are the new design demands and is there a conflict between convenient e-commerce experiences and sustainability? 

Unbox is Holmen Iggesund’s digital event series. In the coming episode, distribution companies, brand owners, and packaging designers are invited to cover different perspectives of logistics and the supply chain. Peter Hesslin from the last mile delivery and tech company Airmee has worked with customer-oriented logistics for many years. Carl Lundberg is the COO of Babyshop, an e-commerce retailer working with more sustainable methods while covering many different markets and products. Dick de Koning is a Founding partner of Packz, Dutch packaging consultants and advisors offering expertise in smart and sustainable packaging solutions. 

“Holmen Iggesund wants to offer the best possible solutions for our customers, and one of the most important aspects is listening and learning from the world around us. The pandemic has changed consumer behaviors, e-commerce has become the new normal, and branding has moved from stores to paperboard boxes. That’s only a few reasons why logistics is such an important topic for our customers and us”, says Jennie Majgren, Director Marketing & Brand Management for Holmen Iggesund.  

Holmen Iggesund believes packaging has an important role in this transformation of logistics and wants to highlight opportunities relevant for the future. 

“Apart from the invited experts, we have also met with brands, designers, and influencers offering further perspectives on logistical solutions and examples of more sustainable packaging. We also share a digital guide on the theme offering practical guidelines. We want to learn from external experts but also offer the expertise and knowledge we have”, says Jennie Majgren.  Unbox #4 will be broadcasted on May 11. Learn more and register for Unbox at iggesund.com/unbox  

Written by Dominy Jones

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