Gualapack brings sustainable and convenient packaging closer to the United States and Canada

With a new sales office in Miami, Florida and a portfolio of green innovation and world-leading products, the flexible packaging leader aims to strengthen its presence in the demanding North-American market.

Gualapack is proud to announce the opening of a new subsidiary with a sales office in Miami, Florida, dedicated to the American and Canadian market. This marks another step forward in the Group’s international expansion, following the recent acquisition of a strategic converter in Brazil and leveraging the company’s ongoing success. With the highest turnover to date in 2021 – over 300 million euros – and 2,300 employees around the world, the company founded in Alessandria, Italy more than 35 years ago has now built a global presence in 11 countries across Europe, Asia, Australia and America.

Gualapack US & Canada will be ideally located to be closer not only to customers in North America, but also to suppliers in the central region of the continent – including trusted partners the brand has relied on for years to manufacture pouches and films locally. Proximity will be key as the subsidiary gears up to better serve a highly strategic target market for the flexible packaging industry, given the huge potential of the area based on sheer size of the population, average income as well as consumer preferences. Gualapack’s diverse range of convenient, safe and environment-friendly packaging solutions is indeed expected to meet the needs of clients with a dynamic lifestyle, seeking easy-to-use, on-the-go products that do not compromise on environmental impact.

Stefano Manfredi, Global Marketing and Sales Director at Gualapack and newly-appointed CEO of the Gualapack US & Canada subsidiary, is “proud to take on this new role. This opening is an important milestone for our company, in terms of networking and business development in a demanding market. It’s an exciting challenge, and I am confident it will push us to find even more ways to grow, sustainably – taking Gualapack’s vision to new heights.

Gualapack’s unique model blends state-of-the-art equipment with constant innovation, expertise and know-how, based on a powerful technology crossover capable of finding new solutions through constant improvement. The company’s commitment to the planet steers research and development towards packaging that makes increasingly better use of materials, optimizes logistics, and encourages consumers to reduce, reuse, and easily recycle.

This approach is extended throughout the Group’s endeavors, and will allow the new division to stand out in the United States and Canada with a portfolio of sustainable innovation and world-leading products, including Pouch5 100% mono-material, recyclable standup pouches and EasySnap, the patented, single-dose packet that is easy to open with one hand.

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Written by Dominy Jones