Greif Expands Global Collection and Reconditioning Network

Greif, a global leader in industrial packaging products and services, has expanded its collection and reconditioning program across Europe and North America.

In North America, following the sale of two collection and reconditioning facilities from Greif’s joint venture Container Life Cycle Management LLC (CLCM) to Centurion Container LLC, of which Greif is a minority stakeholder, CLCM will focus its priorities on the reconditioning of steel and plastic drums, and future growth of Greif’s IBC collection and reconditioning services will be delivered in partnership with Centurion Containers.

In Europe, Greif has acquired the reconditioning and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) cleaning operations of Ulrich Hessling’s site in Hamminkeln which will now be delivered out of Greif Tholu in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, the company has ventured into a partnership with Delta Containers to form a new Joint Venture company, Greif Delta Plastics UK LTD. Delta is the UK’s leading independent supplier of reconditioned IBC’s providing new, reconditioned, and remanufactured IBCs nationwide.

Aysu Katun, Director of Sustainability at Greif explains: “All of these recent developments and investments will enhance Greif’s global collections and reconditioning network and strengthen our commitment to providing customers with sustainable and environmentally responsible packaging solutions.”

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Written by Kevin Gambrill