Green boost for e-commerce

The Bong group of Sweden launches its ‘e-Green’ mailer range for the e-commerce market.          

Bong’s new packaging range for online sales is branded as ‘e-Green’. It is designed to optimise sustainability and the reduction of plastic packaging. This new ‘Green’ product also helps companies to increase the efficiency of their shipping processes.

Bong’s e-Green bags are designed to meet both challenges. They are made from strong, 100% FSC® kraft paper and are therefore fully recyclable and biodegradable. As the bags adjust to the content, no unnecessary volume or air is being transported. Compared to traditional packaging products such as boxes, the consignor will reduce transport volume, weight and packaging material.

Equipped with two adhesive strips and a tear strip, this bag is ideal for ecommerce. The new ecommerce bags are easy to pack and close, and easy to open and reclose (in case of return shipments). They are also easy to dispose of in the waste paper collection. Consumers will appreciate the functionality of the bag, as well as the reduction of packaging waste. These e-Green bags are seen as an excellent brand messenger by connecting the sender with “green” thinking and environmental care.

Bong’s new e-Green range offers the most efficient solution for goods which do not require solid packaging, for items such as clothing, accessories and prepacked goods, including shoes, cosmetics, consumer electronics, games and gift boxes.

Thanks to the built-in block-bottom, e-Green mailers offer a large filling space for voluminous contents such as shoe boxes. However, they are just as suitable for flat contents for products like T-shirts if the block bottom remains unexpanded.

Bong is one of the leading providers of envelope products in Europe and also offers solutions for the distribution and packaging of information, advertising materials and lightweight goods. Important growth areas for the Group include packaging within retail and e-commerce and the envelope market within Eastern Europe. The Group has annual sales of approximately SEK 2 billion and about 1,200 employees in 14 countries. Bong also has strong market positions in most of the important markets in Europe and the Group sees interesting possibilities for continued development. Bong is a public limited company and its shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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Written by Philip Yorke