Great step into the future of flexible packaging

When two years ago at SILBO we received a commercial inquiry about “something for salads”, we understood that we had the opportunity to create a packaging that would be something truly innovative on the market and had a chance to set new standards in flexible packaging for fresh food. Today we are sure that this is a type of product that leads to a revolution from which there is no turning back – this is what Marcin Śpiewok, CEO of SILBO, tells about their compostable packaging for salad kits.

Packing fresh salad mixes in a flexible packaging that will decompose along with bio-waste – this was the task faced by the Silbo team, an innovative packaging manufacturer from Poland. Normally, products of this type, such as cut lettuce or sprouts, were packed in plastic foil and it did not arouse much reflection, because such packaging had many advantages: they were light, easy to transport and store, and provided the appropriate barrier parameters. Additionally, they were transparent, which was also important for producers of salad kits. Finally this state of affairs was questioned. It took imagination, sufficiently advanced technological knowledge and determination. None of these factors were missing in SILBO. – We already had extensive experience in compostable packaging, but in this case, it was also necessary to provide better rigidity in cooling conditions and a controlled level of moisture permeability – reports the SILBO’s technologist.

The result of the efforts is a multi-layer laminate designed for contact with food. Created from renewable raw materials, it has excellent resistance not only to moisture, but also to oils. In addition, it is a certain barrier to gases and aromas.

SILBO has proven that compostable packaging can have the same characteristics that have given plastic an advantage over the years. Moreover, it has been found that some vegetables packed in SILBO compostable packaging stay fresh longer compared to common plastic packaging. However, in this case there is no longer any harmful environmental impact from the packaging. SILBO packaging has obtained compostability certificates recognized in Europe and the USA. – It is a fully ecological material. It composts in industrial conditions within a few weeks without releasing any harmful substances into the soil, because we used safe water-based inks to print these packages. This is already a standard in SILBO – explains Marcin Śpiewok.

Compostable foil for salad sets has been very well received in the US market and has been called a “generational change” in food packaging design. As SILBO declares, the material they have developed is perfect for packing not only salads, but also all other vegetables and fruits as well as fresh products, for example sandwiches or baked goods.

Reality is changing. Plastic can be effectively eliminated in many types of packaging. And it is no longer a distant future, but an environmentally friendly alternative for everyone. The progress of this shift now depends on the readiness of food producers and the openness of retail chains.

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Written by Dom Thorby