Give Consumers a Chef Experience with the New Maestro Solution by Aptar!

A new closure for edible oils

Maestro is Aptar’s new solution that gives consumers the desired easy-to-open, portion control, and drip free benefits. Maestro creates an elevated experience that allows brands to stand out from the competition, while also staying aligned with e-commerce and sustainability trends.

An enjoyable cooking experience

Giving consumers an enjoyable cooking experience is the core mission of Maestro. Maestro’s wide finger recess allows consumers to easily open the lid with one hand, and the raised spout was thoughtfully designed to let consumers decide which flow to pour with. The pouring lip also promotes a clean product cut-off, keeping drips, spills, and messes under control. In the kitchen, on the table, or even outdoors, Maestro delivers an easy, controlled pour.

Smart and modern lifestyle

Maestro’s unique appearance brings a fresh, modern look to edible oil packages. The colored spout paired with a translucent over cap allows brands to select colors to match each product’s identity. This trendy design helps draw the attention of consumers not only on stores shelves, but in the e-commerce sector as well. The premium look and feel of Maestro lends itself to fit seamlessly into the modern lifestyle of today’s consumers.

Leading the way to sustainability 

A notable feature of Maestro is its fully recyclable composition. With its tethered cap, non-detachable parts, and 100% recyclable material, Maestro enables brands to meet their sustainability goals, and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Give consumers the chef experience they crave, with Maestro – by Aptar.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill