Today, tomorrow, what do we want to see on the supermarket shelves?

Looking to answer this question and support glass industry customers, we took a deep dive into over 150 trend reports published by global leading research firms.

The many insights and conclusions are gathered in the ‘Future Made Clear’ report, which offers a consolidated snapshot of what shoppers are interested in now. The report identifies three key trends around environmental impact, holistic health and conscious consumption which will dictate consumer purchases over the next five years.

In short, shoppers want a planet where we can have a truly healthier and happier lifestyle than today: where the environment around us is safeguarded, the products we eat are safe and well preserved, and ethical consumption comes before unconditional profit. In response to these findings, the Future Made Clear report offers clear tips to brands and retailers who are looking to stay ahead, as a way of confirming these shopping trends, we also launched a pilot project carried out in collaboration with Carrefour in Spain, designed to prove that reminding us shoppers about the sustainability credentials of a product and its packaging can have a real impact on our purchasing behaviour.

With the goal of learning how in-store promotions impact sales, we carried out a marketing and retail activation campaign in two Carrefour stores in Valencia, Spain in two six-month phases. Alongside various advertising tactics – think posters on buses and advertising on store catwalks – we offered shoppers the opportunity to buy their freshly squeezed orange juice, a category traditionally dominated by plastic, in glass. It’s fair to say, the results exceeded all expectations. To see more of the latest research on glass packaging, visit the recently launched Glass Hallmark website, where the Future Made Clear report and results of the retail activation study are both available for download.

Written by Dominy Jones