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Where eco-design meets innovation

Another success story from the SP Group is its sweet success story concerning its latest sustainable solutions for the confectionary industry. The company supplies flexible thermoforming packaging solutions where eco-design, innovation and customisation play a major role. One of the biggest challenges in the food industry, particularly for suppliers of sweet goods and snacks, is to optimise their sustainable packaging and minimise waste.

This is not just a trend at the SP Group. Since its 2009 launch of SOL film, a high-barrier product with many environmental advantages, there has been continued progress in packaging sustainability optimisation. As innovative pioneers in sustainable packaging, the SPGroup, has been able to provide its clients with functional and sustainable packaging tailormade to their specifications. Two of which are leading confectionary brands in the area of mono-materials.

PE HB ECO is a recyclable mono-material with high-barrier properties, that can preserve products in optimum condition until they are consumed. In addition, PP HB ECO packaging can also withstand high temperatures during heat treatment processes. This material has the necessary properties to guarantee optimum food preservation, particularly in products with a neutral pH that require extra protection. 

Broader sustainability options

In the world of confectionery, however, there is more than just a demand for flexible packaging solutions. Rigid packaging is particularly important when it comes to food presentation-trays of all shapes and sizes. The SP Group’s solutions ensure that packaged goods are not damaged in any way and reach consumers in the best possible condition. In cases such as these, the company opts for rPET packaging. This is a thermoforming film that is made using 100% recycled post-consumer materials, and which is itself 100% recyclable. In conjunction with the SOL EFFICIENT top film, this sustainable solution is the most environmentally-friendly choice for packaging confectionery goods.

Designing for sustainability

Design plays a vital a part in sustainable packaging. Nowadays, packaging is a singular and customisable advertising channel and a key point of differentiation when displayed on supermarket shelves. To enhance this benefit, the SP GROUP has come up with a very precise proposal: printed material that is produced using digital and offset printing techniques that are environmentally-friendly and deliver optimum results. The company also offers customised formats such as stand-up packaging options, where versatility makes it a particularly popular choice. This packaging includes closures such as the zip-lock, which consumers can use to reseal bags and store food for consumption at a later date.

In short, SP GROUP supplies all flexible and thermoforming packaging solutions for a sector in which eco-design, innovation and customisation all play a key role.       

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