Fresh Focus – Schubert

Trailblazer in sustainability

Schubert is not only a market and innovation leader, but also a real trailblazer in sustain[1]ability. And not only in its own group of companies, where it has long been committed to the 17 UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals.

Schubert has been leveraging the topic of sustainability for many years to give its customers a decisive edge in the highly competitive consumer goods market. For example, with the development of sustainable packaging and machines that can process environmentally friendly materials.

3D printing: Less waste is the goal

With the Schubert PARTBOX, customers all over the world can print 3D format parts on demand and directly on site. This saves countless transport kilometres – and therefore up to 89% CO2 when compared to delivered parts.

Long live sustainability

The Speedline was one of Schubert’s first praline packing lines and is still in operation today after more than 30 years. A good investment for the customer and a perfect example of resource conservation made by Schubert.

Sustainability pays off

Sustainable packaging as a competitive advantage: Schubert-Consulting supports customers from all sectors in the development and optimisation of sustainable packaging and processes – from the selection of suitable materials and implementation on appropriate machinery, to the design of a sustainable supply chain.

Preventing instead of wasting

Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and precisely planned production processes, the wastage at Schubert has been steadily decreasing for years.

Sustainability creates demand

Schubert machines are exceptionally durable and therefore in demand worldwide. And there are always new innovations that ensure even greater effi ciency. The result: Sales growth that has been well above the industry average for years.

Schubert is growing – and is using as little space as possible by concentrating at the Crailsheim site. Did you know that 50% of the offi ces and hall areas at Schubert are heated and air-conditioned using geothermal energy?

Brains instead of kilometres

Clever packaging solutions from Schubert can save not only packaging material but also space during transport. The same amount of goods can be moved with fewer journeys – and with signifi cantly less CO2 consumption.

Thinking not in terms of quarters, but in generations

As a family business, Schubert thinks sustainably by its very nature – currently with three generations in the company: Gerhard Schubert, sons Gerald and Ralf, and grandsons Johannes and Peter.

Renewable packaging: Cardboard instead of film

Schubert is supporting the move away from unsustainable plastic packaging. In many cases, the changeover to cardboard is also possible on existing machines. This means that the packaging can even add visual appeal and value thanks to excellent printability of the carton.