Flexopack presents Flat Board for VSP applications: FreshOnBoard™

Following the growing need for sustainable solutions in the market, Flexopack, a leading manufacturer of innovative, value-creating flexible packaging solutions, has launched the FreshOnBoard™ Skin product series.

FreshOnBoard™ Skin combines a premium top skin packaging solution, alongside a sustainable carton-based board tray, laminated with Flexopack’s sealant, specially designed for Flat Board applications.

The end product is characterized by:

• Enhanced strength of the cardboard tray

• Excellent formability, peelability and strength of the top skin film

• Superior final pack presentation

• Ideal retail packaging solution

Flexopack continues to collaborate with strategic value chain partners for the flexible packaging industry, to develop its range of monomaterial solutions for flexible packaging.

As part of its vision for a circular economy of plastics, Flexopack aims to develop new sustainable packaging solutions, which are widely accepted in recycling streams worldwide and are designed with the recycling criterion in mind.

Written by Dom Thorby

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