“Flexible multilayer film cannot be recycled” is a common misconception among the plastic industry.

Wouldn’t it be great to have proof to debunk this myth?

In a joint project with recyclers and film manufacturers, a post-industrial multilayer scrap containing 75% PE and 25% PA was successfully recycled. Extrusion of rPEPA went smoothly and the rPEPA film showed superior mechanical properties than the virgin PE reference sample.

The excellent mechanical performance of the film containing rPEPA encourages us to test it in an industrial application, outside of the food market. The increase of haze can be compensated by using 5% of commercial compatibilizers.

This recycled PEPA is now being used in a real industrial application. Our partner Flextech produced a film with more than 60% rPEPA; the extrusion process run without any issues. The film has been approved as primary packaging for automotive pieces, substituting the previously used virgin PE film.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill