Flexibility and reliability in the end of line. Find out SMI solutions

The SMI Group is today one of the world’s largest manufacturers of bottling and packaging plants, able to meet production requirements up to 36,800 bottles/hour for food and beverage, household cleaning, personal hygiene, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Cost reduction, energy saving, environmental benefits, increasing competitiveness and improvement of the positioning on the market are all elements that are common to the  companies operating in the context of the circular economy.

In SMI, environment and sustainability, tradition and innovation are combined, creating a sound balance, since the activities of the company are driven by the attention to market needs and by the search for cutting-edge technical solutions that help drive continuous change. This change is often related to the specific features of the bottling and packaging industry, that now, more than ever, plays a key role within the business strategies for the environmental protection.

End of line reliability is crucial for the bottling plant efficiency

Manufacturers of beverages, food, detergents, chemical and pharmaceutical products have to be more and more competitive and efficient in order to face a constantly changing market; therefore, they have to quickly adapt their production line to the new customers’ purchasing habits.

This objective can be easily achieved if, within the company, innovative and smart solutions are adopted and applied to machines and plants of a modern smart factory.

SMI automatic palletizing systems from APS ERGON range allow to guarantee uninterrupted production flow, thanks to highly efficient and flexible solutions in terms of tertiary packaging. The perfect synchronization between bottling and packaging operations and pallet loading, pallet layer forming and pad insertion operations results in a great competitive advantage, as:

-production quickly adapts to the new formats required by the market

-palletizing patterns have been optimized for loading on trucks

-changeover times have been reduced

-container movement is smooth, which avoids damage during their handling

-plant performance has been improved

-size has been reduced

Smart palletizing solutions

– Use of innovative design solutions in compliance with IoT that reduce the operator’s workload and ensure high levels of plant efficiency

– Easy and intuitive control of all the operations, that can be further optimized with SWM system for collecting, checking and interpreting production data

– ICOS motors, equipped with integrated digital servo-drivers, ensure production with low environmental impact and low energy consumption

A unique range for several requirements

APS ERGON range consists of automatic, single-column system with two Cartesian axes for palletizing boxes, bundles, trays and packs in general.

The new palletizers supplied by SMI:

– are versatile and can be configured in different ways, with in-line or 90° loose product infeed to manage a wide range of palletizing patterns

– easily adapt to the various needs of format changeover, product changeover and logistic end of line configuration of new and existing installations.

Each model of APS ERGON range is composed of different modules that can be customized according to the logistic conditions and the requested processing.

The core of the system is made up of a vertical axis module, a fixed column along which the horizontal axis, composed of the beam along which the head-holder beam runs, slides on recirculating ball guides.

The beam can be combined with:

– product infeed module and preform layer system (different according to the module chosen)

– pallet module, that includes the moving and storage of empty pallets

– pad insertion module (optional), consisting of a pad magazine and a pad inserting device with controlled axes

– surrounding safety barrier

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Written by Kevin Gambrill