Favia expands its range of sustainable packaging solutions

After ToBeNaturAL, the aluminium tube with a cap made of compostable material, Favia expands its offer by giving customers the possibility to adopt a recycled plastic cap.  

Favia expands its range of sustainable packaging solutions, launching the aluminium tube with recycled plastic cap: a new possibility to meet the needs of all those companies that decide to take a first but decisive step towards green packaging as part of a transformation path towards the implementation of environment-friendly processes.

This solution joins ToBeNaturAL, the aluminium tube with compostable material cap launched last year, which has already enjoyed great success among companies and the end costumers. 

Sustainability as a key factor in packaging

The statistics prove it, the facts confirm it: consumers prefer eco-friendly products and eco-sustainable packaging. European Consumer Packaging Perceptions research shows that 77% of European consumers are willing to pay a higher price for a product with eco-friendly packaging; 41% of respondents say packaging is the first sustainability factor on which a brand is rated, which means that packaging becomes a key element on which they base their purchasing decisions. 

Not only that. The research “Sustainability in Luxury Packaging”, published in 2018, identified sustainable packaging as one of the 3 main purchase criteria for luxury products, together with product quality and the ability to reflect one’s own personality, for 72% of respondents.

A trend that will grow in the coming years, supported by recent European regulations that have banned disposable plastic objects and the media impact of charismatic figures such as the young Greta Thunberg can only encourage this path. 

The adoption of sustainable packaging by brands can, and should, therefore become a winning strategic move: a competitive advantage in product marketing and strengthening of brand identity. The packaging industry is therefore called upon to provide new solutions capable of maintaining the highest standards of quality but at the same time to interpret this new widespread sensibility. 

Plastic? Only if recycled.

More and more brands are deciding to switch to sustainable packaging. However, it is often not easy to adapt production processes, especially when it comes to products with an established market presence. This is why many brands that use plastic packaging choose recycled plastic as a sustainable alternative. Among the most active companies in the food sector is Nestlè, which has set itself the goal of having 100% reusable or reusable packaging by 2025, while distribution giant Tesco has announced the introduction of a new type of recycled plastic packaging, achieved through an innovative process. 

An aluminium tube is an extremely environmentally friendly solution compared to traditional plastic: aluminium is 100% endlessly recyclable without losing its original qualities and the recycling process requires 95% less energy than production from raw material. The plastic cap was the only known “out of tune” in otherwise environmentally friendly packaging. 

ToBeNaturAL, the collapsible  aluminium tube with compostable cap

For companies that are looking for green packaging as their hallmark, Favia has developed an additional solution: ToBeNaturAL, the collapsible aluminium tube with compostable cap.

The material of which it is composed is a biopolymer, commonly called bioplastic, obtained from various vegetable sources such as cellulose, pineapple stalk or algae and with many characteristics similar to traditional plastic, such as strength, stability and flexibility.

It retains its integrity for a long time in a context of use, but once its use cycle is over it can be disposed of as organic waste as it has the ability to degrade completely. It can then be thrown directly into the humid fraction of household waste, transforming into humus for the soil from which other plants will arise. A true symbol of rebirth that goes well with aluminium, infinitely recyclable

Smart Packaging design and sustainability

ToBeNaturAL lends itself to all digital printing processes on aluminium, including ToBeUnique, the unique Favia digital printing technique that involves the aluminium tube body and cap in a single process. For impactful graphic solutions thanks to flawless output, which can become an anti-counterfeiting method for products and make secondary packaging superfluous. In what way? Thanks to the implementation of StealthCode® technology, the printing of a code invisible to the human eye can be detected through a free mobile app, available in the official iOS and Android stores. Once the app scans any point on the tube, it will reference exclusive digital content, such as videos, landing pages or surveys or any other content, including text, so much more space would be required than the surface of a tube. A solution that transforms green packaging into a true digital communication tool and which, unlike a QRCode, has the advantage of not disturbing the graphics and being impossible to counterfeit.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill