Extensive Paper Portfolio is now CO2 Neutral

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, is now offering a comprehensive portfolio of CO2 neutral papers from its Uncoated Fine Paper business to serve the professional print, office and premium packaging sectors.

Mondi Neusiedler has been offering CO2 neutral products for over a decade, including Color Copy original and selected products from the NAUTILUS® range. From April 2021, the mill has extended its offering of CO2 neutral paper to almost all premium paper brands. This includes Pergraphica®, Mondi´s premium paper brand for creative design, publishing and luxury packaging applications, combining premium printing and finishing quality with sustainability in one portfolio. By offering the full PERGRAPHICA® range as CO2 neutral, Mondi is meeting the growing demand of customers such as agencies, designers and brand owners for sustainable and CO2 neutral printing, publishing and packaging products.

The paper´s CO2 emissions were calculated and offset with the support of ClimatePartner and are therefore classified as CO2 neutral. Mondi’s CO2 calculations are based on recognised industry standards such as CEPI´s Carbon Footprint Framework for paper and board products[1]. ClimatePartner is an international solutions provider for corporate climate action, with whom Mondi has a long-standing relationship. To offset all calculated CO2 emissions, Mondi supports the Pesqueiro hydro power plant on the Jaguariaríva River in south Brazil – an internationally recognised carbon offset project. According to ClimatePartner´s calculations, for a printed and converted book, paper represents 50 to 75 percent of CO2 emissions. To offer transparency and help customers to highlight their sustainability ambitions, information about the CO2 neutrality of the products is printed on the packaging and included in customer documents.

“Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy, and we have a long tradition in offering sustainable papers. In addition to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions in line with science-based targets as part of our 10 year Mondi Action Plan, MAP2030, we are pleased to be able to support our customers on their sustainability journey by offering CO2 neutral paper and premium packaging. Based on the feedback of our customers we expect to see strong pick up of our extended CO2 neutral portfolio,” says Gunilla Saltin, CEO Uncoated Fine Paper at Mondi.


 [1] https://www.cepi.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/ENV-17-035.pdf

Written by Kevin Gambrill