The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s circular economy performance measurement tool – Circulytics – supports a company’s circular economy transition towards the circular economy. This last August Evertis sent their submission and is proud to communicate they have received an overall B+ score (average of their 3 plants) and achieving an A score in their plant EVERTIS IBÉRICA S.A – Portugal.

Circulytics measures a company’s entire circularity, not only products and material flows, but the company as a whole. This company level measuring tool reveals the extent to which a company has achieved circularity across its entire operations. It does this by using the widest set of indicators currently available, broken down into two different categories: Enablers and Outcomes. The Enablers category is based on qualitative indicators around the enabling conditions that are important to accelerate the transition to circularity. The Outcomes analyze more quantitative indicators around materials flows, product and service design, energy use, and physical assets; providing more of a snapshot of how circular a company is.

Evertis is pleased with their results and believe that it is a reflection of their sustainability strategy and achievements. Although the circular economy is about much more than recycling — it is based on the three principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems — Evertis envisions a future with increased use of recycled content in their films, greater recyclability of their products and lowest feasible carbon footprint. Additionally, the Portuguese based group plays a leading role in sensitizing their communities to the benefits of recycling PET and advancing a closed loop economy. This overall score gives clear insights into the company’s strategy, people, systems and processes, innovation and external engagement with clients and suppliers, demonstrating their efforts towards circularity and providing transparency to investors and customers about Evertis’ circular economy adoption.

Evertis stated that this result has not only reinforced their pledges and ambitions but has also encouraged Evertis to become even more circular in their operating model due to the urgent worldwide need to achieve a shift towards a circular economy.

Evertis believes in forward-thinking, working with nature and for society, seeking to connect with communities and improve lives. Circulytics provides this feedback in the form of tailored insights from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a company that develops and promotes the idea of a circular economy, bringing solutions at scale.


Evertis incorporates post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content for PET-based films for food and non-food applications, as well as pioneering the incorporation of recycled content from multilayered films. Being part of the IMG Group, present in the polymers industry for over sixty years, Evertis counts on a wealth of expertise and know-how in accelerating innovative techniques to incorporate recycled content into their products. Currently their films target an average incorporation of 50% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content and they have obtained the ECOSENSE CERTIFICATE, for the reincorporation of their post-industrial waste into new production, sourcing materials from recyclers certified by the Plastic Sense Foundation.


The Ellen MacArthur Foundation was launched in 2010 to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Since its creation, they have emerged as a global thought leader, establishing the circular economy on the agenda of decision makers across business, government, and academia.
Their vision is a new economic system, in contrast with the ‘take, make, waste’ linear economy, that delivers better outcomes for the economy, people, and the environment. Business models, products, and materials are designed to increase use and reuse, replicating the balance of the natural world, where nothing becomes waste, and everything has value.

For more information go to www.evertis.com

Written by Kevin Gambrill