Emballator participates in project for a sustainable plastics industry

The Chamber of Commerce has been granted funding for a feasibility study on sustainable development for the plastics industry in Jönköping County.

Emballator participates as part of the steering committee for the project and in the feasibility study, about 30 companies in the plastics industry will be interviewed.

Jönköping County is the most plastic-dense area in northern Europe and there are many plastics processing companies. Together, they consume a large amount of plastic raw material and according to the Jönköping County Chamber of Commerce, there is an untapped potential in reducing the industry’s emissions of carbon dioxide.

“Coordination is a necessity for jointly managing transformation and innovation to a more sustainable production in order to maintain and increase the companies’ competitiveness”, the Chamber of Commerce writes in a press release.

The feasibility study is focusing on circular economy with sustainable materials, coordinated logistics flows, and identification of competence needs in the transition to sustainable production. The project is based on a great commitment from many companies in the region.

“We are very happy to now have this opportunity to investigate the will, interest, and potential to switch to a more sustainable plastics industry”, says Helena Zar Vallin, CEO of the Jönköping County Chamber of Commerce.

Emballator participates in the project’s steering committee through Mats Jeppsson, Innovation Manager at Emballator Innovation Center, who works daily to develop sustainable packaging solutions.

“Emballator, like many other companies, takes great personal responsibility for reducing the climate impact on its products and services, but it is through dialogue and collaboration with others that we can build on each other’s ideas and initiatives to really have an impact on reduced CO2 emissions”, says Mats.

The region has taken steps for increased competence where Emballator has been involved in both the Master’s program at Jönköping University in Polymeric materials as well as the management team for the Polytechnic’s education as a Polymer Engineer.

The project starts in January 2022 and will run for nine months.

For more information, please visit https://www.emballator.com/

Written by Dominy Jones