Emballator launches sustainable and optimized metal packaging

Emballator Metal Group launches a new lighter and more optimized packaging solution. The new optimized design has several features for the environment.

New UN Optimized results in decreased carbon footprint, more pallets per truck, and 25 percent less wrapping.

“This product will have a great impact on the environment. Our focus has been to create an optimized product with lighter material and the same great product features as before, and I’m happy to say that we have succeeded”, says Ulric Dahl, Sales Manager at Emballator Metal Group.

This optimized product will replace the previous one, 285 UN 2.0, and Emballator plan to update more products in the same way. For brand owners the new design also gives increased visibility and will decrease storage space.

“We already know that metal is a sustainable material since it’s recyclable forever, this is just another reason to choose metal. From a sustainability point of view this means that we will decrease the number of trucks with 25 percent, which is great”, says Ulric.

The new UN Optimized is available for products in the market segments Chemical and Paint and is approved according to UN Y2.0 Z3.0/100 kPa.

For more information, visit Emballator.com

Written by Dom Thorby