Sustainable packaging solutions in focus at the Grand Opening of Emballator Innovation Centre

Last week the Emballator Innovation Center in Ljungby, Sweden, opened. The innovation centre consists of over 700 square meters of development area and was visited by customers, industry colleagues, and other stakeholders. The centre was opened by Stina, 8 years, a representative for the future generation that Emballator works for.

The Grand Opening of the Emballator Innovation Centre was filled with a programme that started with interviews with Lovisa Hamrin, owner of Herenco and Emballator, and Ulf Nicklasson, CEO Emballator Packaging Innovations. Both Lovisa and Ulf have been involved since the idea of an Innovation Centre first came up and talked about the journey.

”It is so fun to be here and be a part of opening the Innovation Centre. I am very impressed and happy about the competence that we have created here. It is an important investment for the future”, says Lovisa Hamrin.

“In the recent years, sustainability has become really important, with the Innovation Centre we will be able to help our customers to achieve their sustainability targets and in that way, we can contribute to the climate. We have very advanced equipment and competent employees who can test and evaluate different materials”, says Ulf Nicklasson.

What the new innovation centre can and will do was something that Mats Jeppsson, Innovation Manager, talked about and the programme before lunch ended with Stina, 8 years, cutting the ribbon.

“It is so extremely fun to finally be here and that we have been able to open our Innovation Centre. This day is something I have been looking forward to for a long time. That Stina, who is one of the future generations that we are developing products for, cutting the band felt special”, says Mats Jeppsson.

During a combined tour, lunch, and mingle session the guests got to know more about the machine hall, the lab, and the design expertise. Jonatan Hofslagare, Innovation Technician, demonstrated how blow moulding, extrusion, and injection moulding of rigid products works and showed the guests what is possible to create in the machines. Brendon Vermillion, Innovation Designer, talked about design ideas with the guests.

In the thermal lab Christian Olsson, Material Specialist, talked about instruments for analysis, test methods, and polymeric materials.

”Many of the visitors mentioned the lab as one impressive thing, both the amount of equipment and Christian’s knowledge. We are really looking forward to deep dive into our customers products and needs”, says Mats.

Among the 100 visitors was representatives from companies as IKEA, Trioworld, Nolato, and Stora Enso. In the afternoon Åsa Stenmarck, Naturvårdsverket, Rickard Jansson, Svensk Plaståtervinning, and Tomas Rydberg, IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet, had lectures and participated in a panel discussion about sustainable packaging solutions.

Emballator Innovation Centre is opened, what is happening now? “Next step is to open the doors for customers who wants to come here and discuss what we can do together. Here we will develop packaging solutions for future generations”, says Mats Jeppsson.

Written by Dominy Jones