Refresco Finland Oy uses eco-friendly solutions

In Lakeland district, in Finland, it is easy to let yourself be enchanted by the view of breath-taking landscapes, dominated by the magical union between the green of the woods and the light blue of the countless bodies of water, among the clearest and most transparent on the planet. Here nature ensures the individual and social wellbeing and it is protected in all its aspects.

Refresco Finland Oy, leader in Finland in the production of juices, soft drinks, water and energy drinks, aims at reducing energy consumption and protecting the surrounding area, thanks to the use of highly innovative and eco-friendly bottling and packaging solutions. In order to automate and streamline the production process and provide customer with customized packaging solutions, the company has recently invested in the CSK 50P ERGON cutting-edge automatic packer, supplied by SMI.

“Co-packing” of excellence Refresco Finland Oy is part of Refresco Group, the main European producer of soft drinks and fruit juices and provides the major worldwide retailers and private brand customers with customized solutions. Equipped with modern technology and with a consolidated experience in its sector, the Finnish company puts customers at the center of every activity, providing them with high-quality, reliable products, sold in a wide range of formats (PET, glass, can, brik and pouch) and packed in several packaging solutions.

SMI solutions for Refresco Finald OyThe installation of a new compact shrink wrapper from CSK ERGON range has been the best choice for automating and streamlining the end-of-line secondary packaging process, since this SMI solution stands out for advanced automation, flexibility of use, low energy consumption and respect for the environment.

CSK 50P ERGON shrink wrapper packs different types of PET bottles in several pack formats in pad + film and film only and offer several advantages:
– motorized system of oscillating guides at the machine infeed, that facilitates the correct channelling of loose containers on the conveyor;
– CSK ERGON range is flexible and includes models in single or double lane, with a compact and ergonomic design;
 grouping of loose products in the format required is achieved continually;
 cardboard blank magazine placed under the infeed conveyor;
 alternate motion cardboard picker;
– curved cardboard ramp, in order to facilitate the insertion of blanks under the products;
– film cutting unit with a compact design, that, thanks to a direct-drive brushless motor ensures the maximum cutting precision;
– easy maintenance;
– ICOS motors equipped with integrated digital servo-driver, that ensures greater energy efficiency, less noise and reduced component wear and tear;
– shrink tunnel equipped with optional metal chain and lubrication, which ensures that the film under the pack is joined perfectly;
– optional system to automatically adjust the format changeover;
 high quality of the final pack, thanks to optional devices such as the product stabilizer and the conveyor at the tunnel outfeed that allows the pack to quickly cool down.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill