Mktg Industry has been working for years on cardboard/paper packaging solutions with the ultimate goal of replacing the use of plastic with paper as much as possible. Finally with the Eco Beauty Stick® the Italian company was able to completely replace the use of plastic down to zero creating a 100% cardboard/paper packaging, mono-material, easy-to-recycle and Ecological.

“Eco Beauty Stick® has been developed following our “Eco” vision, proposing a new solution respectful of the environment and perfect for the consumers that are more carefully about the “green” policies of sustainability. A perfect mono-material packaging solution able to replace traditional plastic twist-up containers. We have already supplied Eco Beauty Stick® to major well-known brands, natural emerging brands and indie brands through Italy and Europe and the requests are growing more and more everyday” states Stefano Focolari, CEO of Mktg Industry.


Eco Beauty Stick® is made in cardboard & paper only: 100% Plastic-Free, 100% Metal-Free and 100% Recyclable. It has been designed without plastic mechanism and the formula slides up with a pressure on the bottom simply by pushing up the cardboard sliding chip with the tip of a finger. The inner wall is covered with food grade grease proof waxed paper functioning as “oils & fat

barrier” that helps the formula to smoothly slides out. This kind of paper also allows to directly hot pour the formula inside the packaging.

“New generation of skincare formulas need new earth-friendly packaging. As the new trends of solid&waterless cosmetics, zero-waste and clean beauty are booming, Eco Beauty Stick® is the right and conscious solution to face markets’ needs” states Mr. Focolari. This packaging is specifically designed for Solid and Water-free cosmetics, ideal for Anhydrous makeup, skincare and personal care formulas such as: Lip balms, Deodorants, Body balms, Face balms, Body butters, Face butters, Solid perfumes, Solid oils, Sunscreen formulas, Dry & Solid shampoos, etc.


Mktg Industry is now launching on the market a new version of the Eco beauty stick® in an oval shape that reminds to the traditional plastic packaging often used for deodorant, sunscreen products, body balm etc. This new shape has been designed to have an application surface that better adapts to every part of the body. The brand new Eco Beauty Stick® OVAL completes a full line of 100% mono-material cardboard/paper packaging, composed by sticks, jars and loose powder’s jars, that allow Mktg Industry to fulfill all the requests from the cosmetic market.


Eco Beauty Stick® and Eco Beauty Jar® are one step further: both the packaging have successfully passed Ecocert’s evaluation tests in order to receive the Ecocert/Cosmos Attestation of Conformity. The packagings have been pre-approved according Ecocert/Cosmos standards, therefore the certification process for the brands is simplified by choosing a pre-approved packaging.


Mktg Industry commissioned an independent Italian laboratory to verify the recyclability of Eco Beauty Stick® and Eco Beauty Jar®. As they are mono-material packagings, they can be easily disposed in the correct recycling chain. Laboratories results on packaging recyclability are supplied for free to all clients “As well as they are easier to recycle because they can be sorted without disassembly, Eco Beauty Stick & Jar represent a further step toward a more eco-conscious beauty world. But be careful choose the original only by Mktg Industry” concludes Focolari.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill

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