Paper honeycomb manufacturer Dufaylite has launched an innovative new Design Lab for customers who need bespoke, custom, sustainable, packaging solutions. This new approach to packaging will see simple and complex challenges brought to life for customers in real time.

The FREE service includes a session with a dedicated designer, who will work collaboratively with customers to produce a tailored design and prototype to take home.

Alongside the Packaging Design Lab, the manufacturer has also developed a dedicated website to meet the needs of printers, and the demand for temporary yet durable sustainable solutions. www.dufaylite.designs will offer technical help in the form of production ready, downloadable designs and cutting files which can be recreated with ease using its paper honeycomb board Ultra Board. The current designs are suitable for Point of Sale units, exhibitions and home offices.

Ashley Moscrop, MD of Dufaylite, commented; “Dufaylite has really evolved over the last few years. Whilst Covid affected the world, industry and our business, we used the time to buckle down and find new ways to add value to our customers, by innovating both our products and services. It really has been quite a ride, and we are delighted by how far we have come.

“The launch of the Design Lab and Dufaylite Designs website, will really put our 65 years of experience manufacturing paper honeycomb board to great use. It will enable us to produce sustainable solutions in an innovative and engaging way.

“When it comes to packaging, one size certainly doesn’t fit all and the Design Lab will help customers with their design challenges. It also offers a solution to anyone who wants to develop packaging that perfectly fits and protects their products in transit. The service will also help to demonstrate the versatility and benefits of sustainable packaging, which as we face the introduction of the new plastic packaging tax, has never been more relevant and necessary.”

“We can assist anyone who wishes to make a packaging pledge to move to an environmentally friendly, recyclable product, by introducing them to Envirolite. It is an ideal replacement for polystyrene, foam, and corrugated materials, and we can create a solution with it, in real time, that will not only protect their products but that will be easily recyclable making it a win for the customer, end user and the environment.”

For more information and to book a Design Lab session, call 01480 215000

Written by Dominy Jones