DREI V at FachPack 2021

As the saying goes: if you want something done well, do it yourself. That’s why all DREI V corrugated cardboard products are developed, realised and also manufactured in house.

For over 30 years, DREI V has been the leading developer and manufacturer of innovative packaging solutions with self-adhesive closures – from the simple mailer to the intelligent fixation packaging.

We think in solutions and are able to make use of decades of experience in shipment packaging. A whole host of patents gives testimony to our ingenuity. We treat our customers with genuine friendliness and are always happy to help.

Innovative shipping products are the result of new ideas and flexible thinking. We develop the intelligent shipping solutions of tomorrow, today. That’s because we intend to continue inspiring our customers and business partners with new products every day.

We are aware of our responsibility to people and our environment. In our value chain, we trust in outstanding quality, safe products, measurable results and sustainable production.

Those sending a package by post or courier today are reliant on careful handling during the shipment as well as secure packaging. In some instances, the shipment is reloaded on the way to the recipient several times, sorted by machine or subject to careless bumps and damages. Good packaging should protect the contents in spite of these factors.

At DREI V every shipping product is tested in our own drop-test studio according to the stringent criteria of the DREI V testing standard – regardless of whether it’s customised corrugated cardboard inserts or universal packaging. Only once a new shipping solution fulfils all the requirements of material quality, design stability and package handling is the green light given for it to go on production.

If you want perfect protection for your products and make a contribution to the topic of sustainability at the same time? The exclusive DREI V paper retention packaging Safebox (winner of the WorldStar Award 2019) and Papersnap are the logical further development of film retention packaging. Paper retention packaging are pure single-material packaging, which can be completely dispensed with the use of film as tensioning or fixing. Both are not available in our standard range but are customized for our customers by our qualified premium partners. By individually adjusting to the sensitivity, weight, shape and size of the packaged goods, we develop and produce a customized solution for optimum product protection.

For more information, please visit https://www.drei-v.de/

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Written by Dominy Jones

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