Certificate for recyclability

Recently, cyclos-HTP GmbH certified that Buergofol GmbH (Siegenburg, Germany) is using recyclates in several important film materials. Now, the innovative Lower Bavarian manufacturer is pleased to announce that further important product classes have been certified by cyclos-HTP for their recyclability.

Buergofol is intensifying its efforts for more sustainability. The products with the designation “Ergoflex Polyolefin”, which are used for food packaging, are – depending on the size of the food packaging – at least 79% and up to 88% recyclable.

Intensive efforts for more sustainability Buergofol GmbH sees this certification as further proof that its intensive efforts with regard to sustainability, climate and environmental protection are bearing fruits and being rewarded.

In concrete terms, cyclos-HTP also confirms that Buergofol achieves a post consumer recycled content of over 99% in the product AA 1000 (rPET-A film). Such a sustainable product is something special in the plastics industry. It is manufactured by Buergofol on ultra-modern equipment, which the company management purchased several years ago. Further certificates from cyclos-HTP will follow.

For further information go to www.buergofol.de

Written by Kevin Gambrill