Calyx Sustainability in the Cannabis Industry

The Calyx Containers story began in Massachusetts in 2016 with the goal of pioneering sustainable packaging solutions to the emerging legal cannabis industry. The founders sought to instil ecological responsibility into the industry by incorporating sustainability into every step of the production process.

From manufacturing to end-consumer, Calyx follows eco-friendly cannabis packaging practices, but acknowledges the need to continue searching for higher level solutions within the sustainable space.

Some examples of what makes Calyx Containers one of the best sustainable cannabis packaging solutions include:

Reduction of Excess Waste

Calyx containers are made in alignment with the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle standard. Throughout the product life cycle, efforts to reduce our carbon footprint are integrated into the manufacturing process all the way to the end consumer.

To start, Calyx addresses one of the biggest issues with traditional packaging companies: outsourcing production overseas. While certain materials are sourced abroad, executing a majority of manufacturing operations in the United States has helped Calyx cut out excess movement of materials, and limits sourcing from countries with poor environmental regulations.

Calyx containers are sustainably designed, as the unique, square shape uses the minimum aggregate of material needed. The entire container is manufactured using a single material, including the bi-injection mold to create the gasket seal which is made from the same polymer. No excess material is cut off and scrapped. This also means the container is untainted by other materials and is deemed recyclable during waste processing. As a result, the entire container requires less energy to manufacture.


Consumers love Calyx containers because they are a premium-quality, durable good that can be reused for anything – basic storage needs, food, tools, toys, gardening, travel toiletries, to name a few applications. Throw some almonds into a 25 Dram for a to-go snack. Organize your child’s crayons in the spacious 145 Dram. Securely store small jewelry in a concentrate jar during travel. Simply peel off the custom label to reveal the bare, minimalistic container, and the storage possibilities are endless.

A multitude of consumers reuse Calyx containers simply for cannabis, what it was specifically optimized for. In a test against four cannabis packaging competitors, Calyx products demonstrated superior preservation of the plant inside. Our results exhibited less terpene degradation and moisture loss due to its air-tight and UV-ray blocking technology. These controlled characteristics are why consumers are more likely to reuse the containers, even beyond cannabis, to encompass countless protective storage needs. Calyx containers’ preservation performance and minimalistic aesthetics evoke value from consumers, as the look and feel of the product are anything but single-use.


Calyx products are designed for reuse and easy recycling so that both businesses and customers can play a part in controlling and decreasing environmental impact. If consumers choose to dispose of their containers, it is easy to do so. Some labels are recyclable, but generally, peel off the labels, rinse out the interior, and place the capped container in the recycling bin.

Calyx containers are made entirely from Polypropylene, a widely accepted recyclable material. Additionally, if a Calyx container finds itself in a landfill, the containers feature an organic additive that increases microbial activity and accelerates degradation.

As the cannabis industry continues to scale in territory and demand, it is increasingly important to emphasize sustainable practices as a standard. Calyx has high expectations when it comes to sustainability. The company innovates and creates better solutions because it believes it has a responsibility as businesses and consumers to be actively involved in the wellbeing of our planet. Rising tides lift all ships, so as cannabis professionals setting that standard for ourselves, we hope that others may be encouraged to do the same.

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By Cherlene Erauda, Marketing Coordinator, Calyx Containers

Cherlene Erauda is a cannabis industry professional based in Boston, MA. Her experience as a medical budtender cultivated her passion for the plant and the people around it. As a 2020 graduate of Bryant University, Cherlene has experience as a co-editor for the Bryant Literary Review publication, and as a major event specialist catered to international and multicultural-domestic students. Cherlene is a first-generation Filipina-American and can’t wait to travel to visit her family in the Philippines in the future.

Written by Kevin Gambrill