Buy British to Improve Your Carbon Footprint

Since 1999, when Amipak was formed in London as a result of the merger between two businesses established in 1953 and 1965, the third-generation family business has been specialising in manufacturing food grade packaging from green materials, in the UK.

“When specifying or ordering paper-based foodservice packaging products, sustainability issues such as recyclability are really important,” says Amipak Director of Communications and Sustainability, Daniel Schwitzer. “But there is another aspect where a major reduction in carbon footprint can be achieved.”

“Manufacturing here in the UK supports the UK economy, but also significantly improves our and our customer’s carbon footprint,” says Daniel. “The majority of Amipak products are manufactured here in the UK, and therefore have a lower carbon footprint than imported products. We’ve been doing the maths so that our customers can fully understand the advantages and benefits of buying British.

Carbon footprint reduction

“The raw materials to make the majority of our popular and successful foodservice takeaway and delivery packaging products come from EU countries,” says Daniel “We then manufacture at one of our two London facilities, so the carbon footprint of our products is substantially better than finished products imported from Asia.”

Containers of board are shipped to England by sea, and a single 26 tonne container holds sufficient material for Amipak to manufacture between 5 and 10 containers worth of finished products. The ‘local’ distance is just over 2,000 km. Compare that to 5 to 10 times more containers of finished products travelling over 20,000 from Asia, or 10 times further!

“We have always been proud to be a British business, manufacturing here in the UK,” says Daniel. “We are members of the ‘Made in Great Britain’ organisation, and our products are certified by the British Retail Consortium. When specifying foodservice and takeaway packaging, we urge companies to look at the bigger picture and choose packaging which supports the UK economy while also delivering real and measurable environmental benefits.”

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Written by Kevin Gambrill