Business Limelight – SP GROUP

Commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is currently a major concern around the world. We are seeing that consumers clearly prefer sustainable products in recyclable, eco-friendly packaging. In fact, in its UK study performed in 2021, Deloitte highlighted that one in three consumers had stopped buying certain products due to sustainability issues and brand ethics.

At SP GROUP we are very familiar with the concept. Some years ago, we decided to embrace the movement and commit to sustainability. As a result, we have become pioneers in innovation in this area, and we have developed new materials and solutions that provide packaging options that are more sustainable than traditional packaging.

We have worked hard to create the best applications for our clients.  Our goal is to offer truly sustainable solutions that maintain the properties of traditional structures and make sustainable transformation a reality.

However, we took a step even further in this direction. We decided this change didn’t just need to affect the final product – it had to permeate the process from beginning to end.

And we achieved our objective, incorporating the three Rs into our production process: reduce, reuse and recycle. This led to the creation of four areas of research and development: the production of mono-material solutions that facilitate the recycling process, the incorporation of recycled material into the production process, the creation of materials that reduce the carbon footprint and the creation of biodegradable films.

The resulting solutions form part of our ECO range, including our PE ECO, PE HB ECO and PP HB ECO materials. These applications are 100%-recyclable mono-materials. All of them can withstand heat treatments such as hot-fill and pasteurisation, with the advantage that PP HB ECO is also retortable. Both PP HB ECO and PE HB ECO can be used to replace other non-recyclable packaging and multi-material structures for all kinds of sectors, and all are suitable for food use. These are sustainable, effective and versatile packaging alternatives.

It is also important to mention SOL EFFICIENT which, together with our rPET tray film, provides a very sustainable solution that is popular in sectors including the meat industry. RCLOSING HB EFFICIENT is also popular in this industry, as it can be used to make resealable lids for cold cuts.

As well as this commitment to sustainability, there are new EC directives on recyclability that have led to a revolution in the sector and which motivate us to keep working on more sustainable solutions.

SP GROUP will continue to work to ensure this sustainable-packaging revolution becomes a reality. In fact, we have already set our new goal: to obtain RESIDUO CERO (ZERO WASTE) certification.

To achieve this goal, we started several different projects and initiatives three years ago. One example is our Project Zero Wastage, which aims to reduce excess waste from production on the (PA/PE) multi-layer coextrusion line by reintroducing it into the manufacturing process. Another is our Sustainable Pallets project, which involved buying a machine to make our own plastic pallets from waste generated at the factory. These pallets are ideal for transporting a variety of different loads.

For everyone at SP GROUP, sustainability is a real commitment to the future.