A new push towards Sustainable Packaging – BOTTA Packaging with ESSELUNGA to substitute bubble wrap with Paper.

BOTTA Packaging flanked the leading Italian supermarkets chain Esselunga to develop an innovative envelope, entirely lined with corrugated paper, to protect bottles and eggs during online shopping deliveries. A clear and determined choice to meet customer needs in a more sustainable way.

The traditional and widespread use of bubble wrap (plastic) inside e-commerce packaging is considered a non-sustainable habit which also implies the risk of annoying end consumers. Receiving packaging in different materials which need to be separated upon disposal, is a difficulty that the customer prefers not to face.

The Botta Eco-Envelope is a solution which eliminates bubble wrap from packaging, providing a product entirely recyclable in the paper bin and highly sustainable, whilst still ensuring the same parameters of protection and resistance. 75% of consumers admit that the sustainability of packaging influences their purchasing decisions. The majority of end users is willing to switch Brand if its packaging is not sustainable.
(Coleman Parkes Research, 2018).
“This insight has driven part of our own corporate strategy,” declared Lara Botta, VP of the Company, “bringing us to increase investments in research and development not only of traditional cardboard packaging, but also in building a sound expertise in sustainable packaging as a whole: outside, inside, fillers, logistics, optimization and, last but not least, materials innovation.”

“Having decided to invest in finding a sustainable solution for its clients – continues Lara Botta – is proof of the fact Esselunga really listens to needs of the market, and of its customers. We are really proud to have been chosen by Esselunga to support them in this process of evolution and change of their e-commerce packaging.”

Botta Packaging, selected as Sustainable Packaging Experts by Comieco (National Consortium for the recovery and recycling of cellulose-based Packaging), always remains oriented towards the best ecofriendly solutions for its clients, drawing on innovation both inside and outside its sector.

With an Open Innovation approach, Botta Packaging in fact cooperates with other companies and Universities alike, to contaminate its research and development, keep up with what is new, and keep driving for continuous improvement of its product offering.

For further information visit www.botta.it

Written by Kevin Gambrill