CCL Label supplies NÖM with innovative EcoFloat™ sleeves for their recycled PET milk bottles – supporting bottle-to-bottle recycling

Starting the upcoming weeks consumers in Austria can buy the very traditional product milk in an innovative packaging. The renowned Austrian dairy brand NÖM (Niederösterreichische Molkerei) is now selling their 1 liter  rPET milk bottle from Alpla in a PET bottle made of 100 percent recycled PET (rePET) with the goal of lowering the CO2 footprint by using recycled materials and also supporting a more circular economy.

PET is the most recycled plastic packaging material in Europe. Retrieving the PET flakes in good quality is key to re-using this versatile material in a loop, so one important factor is choosing the right decoration for the bottle for example a label or sleeve that supports recycling in the sorting and recycling facilities.

“Although the label or sleeve only may seem like a small part of the overall packaging, choosing the right label is very important when designing packaging with the end-of-life in mind. ´Design for Recycling’ guidelines show, that a floatable polyolefin material with a low density is ideal for high-quality PET recycling”, says Wolfgang Ploesch, Business Development Director at CCL Label. “The polyolefin flakes are separated from the PET flakes in the so-called sink/float process and are sorted into the right material streams. This supports bottle-to-bottle recycling and in the end…a closed loop. When our customer NÖM was looking for a sustainable packaging solution that fits well with the rePET bottle, we knew EcoFloat™ would be the ideal partner”.

EcoFloat™ has been endorsed by the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) as not hindering PET recycling and has also been certified by interseroh’s “Made for Recycling” where it received a “very good” rating.

CCL has just announced plans for a strategic new capacity investment at their Innovia Films extrusion site in Plock, Poland. A new six-metre multi-layer co-extrusion line will be installed to produce EcoFloat™ shrink sleeve material to boost plastic recycling rates in Europe.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill