Botta Packaging launching its Pallet Calculator free of charge

Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals, Botta Packaging’s Pallet Calculator optimizes pallet loads, thus decreasing transportation trips, cutting logistics costs, and minimizing in-transit stock space.

Botta Packaging announced that its Pallet Calculator, based on a proprietary algorithm, is now available free of charge to supply chain managers, logistics managers, entrepreneurs, product packaging professionals, and all interested parties. Usually featured in specialized logistics management software, Pallet Calculator is a useful tool to help reach sustainability targets. By optimizing pallet utilization and proper palletizing planning, companies can decrease unnecessary greenhouse emissions. 

According to ‘The Empty Space Economy’ research*, only 36% of enterprises conducted an audit of empty space, and only 34% considered adopting more efficient solutions. Being an early adopter in using a science-backed Pallet Optimization Calculator will help companies towards their corporate social responsibility goals.  

“Analyzing transportation costs and inefficiencies is an important part of sustainable development which is often forgotten. In addition to our Eco-Packaging product range, we, therefore, want to contribute to the joint sustainability effort by offering companies our Pallet Optimization Calculator tool. This will help us push together for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals”, said Lara Botta, Vice President of Botta Packaging.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill