Bormioli Pharma presents the digital event “Envision 2021”,focusing on innovation, sustainability and inclusivity

The new edition of the company’s digital event will be held from 25-29 October in a virtual and immersive environment.

A media preview is scheduled on 25th October 11.00am CET on the Zoom platform

Bormioli Pharma, international leader in pharmaceutical packaging manufacturing in glass and plastics, announces the second edition of its own digital event “Envision 2021”, that will take place 25-29 October, with keynote speeches, live conversations and immersive tours to showcase the company’s expertise and vision for pharmaceutical packaging.

The digital event will be deployed in an engaging, virtual venue, with the possibility to diving into different rooms dedicated to the corporate purpose and approach, to the latest company’s products and to the most recent packaging evolutions. In the innovation room, visitors will be showcased the company’s brand-new prototypes that address growing and emergent needs in terms of sustainability, traceability and inclusivity, as well as safety for professional users.

Moreover, the event will host a series of live talks, in which some of the main challenges impacting the pharma industry will be discussed, including the future of digital healthcare, service transformation and the closed-loop thinking, to properly address sustainability.

“We believe that today it is necessary to share responsibilities across all stages of new drug development by merging expertise, know-how, technologies, and purpose with our clients” commented Andrea Lodetti, CEO of Bormioli Pharma. “This co-responsibility is key to better serving patients and health professionals, by providing the whole healthcare ecosystem with innovative, sustainable and inclusive solutions”.

A couple of keynotes by Francesca Pasinelli, General Manager Telethon Foundation and Board Member of Bormioli Pharma, and by Andrea Lodetti, CEO Bormioli Pharma, will open and close the event, focusing respectively on the lessons learnt from Covid-19 pandemic to establish a new industry alliance, and on the  Bormioli Pharma’s partnership model, based on closer cooperation with other actors in the supply chain.

The digital event can be accessed via registration at the following link.

A media preview of Envision 2021 will be held for media on 25th October at 11.00am CET on the Zoom platform, with the company’s management – CEO Andrea Lodetti and Sales Director Nicola Carandente – that will present the event, guiding the audience in the digital venue, as well as giving an overview on the corporate strategies.

Written by Dominy Jones

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