Committed to sustainable development and quality products?

BBC CELLPACK Packaging has several certifications to assure their customers and consumers that they take care to produce their packaging in a sustainable way.

BBC CELLPACK Packaging is one of the main suppliers of flexible packaging in Europe. As part of the Swiss group Behr Bircher Cellpack, BBC CELLPACK Packaging produces 4 packaging solutions: papers, films, pouches and cushion pads. The company’s customers are major national and international players in the food and cosmetics industry.

Every day, 300 passionate and motivated employees work hard to satisfy their customers, while adopting environmentally friendly production methods. The company’s objectives are to be the number one in Europe in the innovation of recyclable packaging solutions, to ensure the success of customers and to offer them a new B2B purchasing experience.

Quality, social, and environmental issues are important values for this company. This also concerns the design of their products. BBC CELLPACK Packaging want their products to be high quality, responsible and sustainable and they develop their new products in accordance with this approach.

To be recyclable, their innovations are systematically designed with eco-responsible and/or bio-sourced raw materials. For example, CELLPouch Fruity, their recyclable stand-up pouches, are certified recyclable by Circpack.Suez.

More details on their certifications here.

For BBC CELLPACK Packaging, these are more than standards and certifications, they are a commitment in their daily work as developers of sustainable innovations.  Preserving the health of consumers and the planet is a value that is dear to the company. Becoming certified, accepting the challenges and changes for a sustainable future, is one more step towards sustainable packaging

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Written by Dominy Jones