An Insight into Sustainability in Logistics & Supply Chain

PALLITE®, an award-winning international designer and manufacturer of paper honeycomb board products from Northamptonshire, UK, has partnered with the logistics and transport recruitment specialists at Executive Network Group to support business leads in their transformation projects for a sustainable future.

Sustainability in supply chain and logistics is gaining tremendous momentum. Many businesses are investing heavily in their strategies to ensure they reach sustainability initiatives with a heavy focus on ESG.

Logistics & transport recruitment specialist at Executive Network Group, James Alexander Uddin, partnered with Matthew Marks, Sustainability Manager at PALLITE® and The Paper Hive Co., to share how to take progressive steps in sustainability with the ENG network.

Together, they have created a downloadable guide to help businesses understand how they can take steps to a more sustainable future by changing their packaging. You can download the guide here.

Matthew Marks from PALLITE® added, “Sustainability is increasingly important, it affects everything you do in your day to day. Making the conscious decision and efforts to prevent damage to the earth. From a consumer perspective, they don’t necessarily know what goes on in logistics and transport- they’re just worried about their end product course and ultimately how they can dispose of products. I think it’s our responsibility working in this industry and sector to scream and shout about not just savings, but what we’re doing in sustainability to make consumers realise the impact.”

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Written by Kevin Gambrill

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