AMB TotalMono PET totally sustainable top and bottom system for thermoformed MAP packaging applications

AMB Spa, company established over 50 years ago in north-east Italy, is one of the leading international suppliers of rigid and flexible films, uniquely offering an end-to-end process. In line with the company’s strong commitment to sustainability, AMB has developed TotalMono PET: mono material solutions to help meet the demands and specifications of recyclability as set out by the EU.

AMB’s “all in one place” concept includes all aspects of the packaging process: design, tooling, product specification, film production, print design and application. As an integral part of AMB’s portfolio, 100% mono PET solutions for both top and bottom films provide key benefits in terms of outstanding performance and solving sustainability challenges within packaging production.

Designing a greener future

As laid down by EU specifications, packaging needs to be fully recyclable in the EU by 2030.  AMB has forged ahead to develop mono PET solutions that are compliant with these guidelines as of today. The company is not only fully committed to the circular economy but also to minimising the overall use of resources and the generation of waste. With its 100% TotalMono PET solutions, AMB has developed a series of films that optimise sustainable consumption by preserving food in a secure and safe manner throughout the food chain. For retailers and consumers alike this helps maintain a reduction in food waste.

TotalMono PET bottom films have lower thicknesses compared to multilayer products, therefore needing less plastic in its production. It is extremely light weight which in turn leads to less energy usage for its delivery: less space for transport, less trucks on the road, less fuel consumption. By taking into account all the factors that reduce a product’s environmental footprint, AMB demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and supports customers in meeting the same high standards well ahead of EU deadlines.

TotalMono PET films from the sustainability experts

AMB 100% mono PET top and bottom film solutions offer high barrier protection for sensitive foods. The downgauging of thicknesses leads to a wide range of possible gauges and a significant reduction in weight without compromising performance. The material offers outstanding product protection at thicknesses that are much lower than those of a multilayered structure. In addition, downgauging ensures that less plastic is used, and that more product can be manufactured with the same amount of material.

AMB base and rigid films are available at all standard gauges from 200my to 800my with a low or high barrier and including a possible downgauge from APET/PE. Lid films are available at gauges from 37my up to 60my also with a low or high barrier function. All barriers are non-EVOH as EVOH has a negative impact on PET recycling stream and is not in accordance with the main European recycling guideline. 

TotalMono PET films are fully printable and offer ease of top and bottom printing without changing graphics. A further feature of these innovative films is their seal strength while at the same time offering a lower seal initiation temperature and the ability to adjust the sealing temperature compared to multilayer solutions. Sealing is provided by the lacquer which also acts as an antifog, thus doing away with the necessity of applying antifog lacquering. Despite downgauging, the material offers robust tear resistance during processing.

Meeting the requirements of European and international recycling codes is not only important when developing solutions but also when selecting the materials used to produce these solutions. One such example is AMB’s BOPET lid film which is produced with a content of recycled PET post-consumer, variable from 37%-60%. For the bottom RPET uses from 50%-100% post-consumer materials depending on the needs of the customers. This shows how effectively the company minimises environmental impact and closes the loop of the circular economy.

High-performing films for sensitive products

AMB TotalMono PET is an outstanding solution for fresh and processed meat, dairy and other food products that require high protection and eye-catching, fresh optics on supermarket shelves.

For retailers and brand owners it offers the possibility of optimising shelf optics by displaying products in high gloss, high transparency packaging, enabling the consumer to fully appreciate the quality of the products. Additionally, the medium to high barrier trays in combination with film solutions provide the security of extended shelf life, making products safer and even more attractive.

Growing consumer awareness of how purchasing power can help avert climate change is an increasingly important factor when shopping. Retailers can showcase their environmental credentials by offering fully recyclable product packaging. AMB is committed to continually implementing innovations that combine high performance with the necessity of environmental protection.  

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Written by Kevin Gambrill