Albéa endorses Extended Producer Responsibility Statement

Albéa was the first cosmetics packaging company to sign the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s commitment to a new plastics economy. Three years later, we are among the more than 100 companies to endorse the Ellen Mac Arthur’s statement advocating for extended producer responsibility (EPR) for the packaging industry.

“This statement is a significant and necessary step in the journey towards circularity and we are proud to be part of it,” says Gilles Swyngedauw, VP Sustainability & Innovation. “We are rethinking the plastic packaging value chain with the goal to have 100% of Albéa’s product portfolio circular by 2025. Yet we believe that such step change will only happen if we work closely with all stakeholders in the industry. Together we must establish effective systems that enable the collecting and regeneration of packaging waste.”

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Written by Kevin Gambrill