ABZAC Group exhibit at FachPack 2021

European manufacturer of kraft drums and cardboard drums, cardboard tubes and angles, Abzac exhibits at FACHPACK. This meeting is an opportunity for our sales team to present our ecological packaging solutions to manufacturers . Visit the Nuremberg trade fair to find out more!

The Abzac Group invests to promote research, innovation and the development of increasingly technical cardboard products.

Competence, equipment, choice of raw materials, measuring tools, nothing is left to chance. By constantly improving its production and development processes, Abzac is a reliable group that moves forward with its customers, a supplier of responsible cardboard packaging solutions.

Abzac is today in each of its businesses a specialist in the development of reliable industrial solutions that respect the environment.

The development of lighter cardboard or kraft packaging allows:

  • Raw material resource savings
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint because less weight transported
  • Improvement of working conditions, reduction of arduousness

Abzac and the environment

In a context marked by the rise of renewable energies and energy and carbon savings, Abzac is part of the sustainable development strategy and actively participates in the protection of the environment.

Environmentally friendly products

Cardboard, cardboard tubes, fiber drums, sealing cartridges are recycled and recyclable. These products are designed to limit the use of natural resources and promote recycling.

Abzac is developing the use of recycled cardboard or kraft, from sustainably managed forests where the resource is constantly renewed – we plant more than we cut.

Increasingly efficient packaging

Thanks to its technological know-how in the production of cardboard and components, in the control of cardboard processing, the Abzac Group develops high-performance products while reducing their weight. By reducing the use of materials, Abzac contributes to the preservation of resources.

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Written by Dominy Jones

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