As the global movement towards a circular, zero-waste economy grows, the demand for more sustainable, responsible products throughout the supply chain is rising in parallel. Our company stays committed to enhancing the contribution of flexible packaging for that purpose, while assisting our customers in realizing their goals for eco-friendly packaging for their products. The BIO-based packaging solutions that we have designed, deliver both functionality and effectiveness, with the lowest possible environmental footprint at the same time.

Replacing traditional film formulations with BIO-based films has a direct positive environmental impact. The carbon footprint benefit lies in the way they are produced. Traditional plastic films use depletable fossil-sourced raw materials, while BIO-based plastics derivefrom renewable resources instead, that can be grown again. Furthermore, during their production, BIO-based plastics capture CO2 from the atmosphere, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Written by Philip Yorke

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